Becoming a Good Business Meeting Host

Each business person who wants to expand his or her business, or wants to move up the corporate hierarchy in a large company must excel at hosting and conducting business meetings. This is not a mean feat, and many coaches believe it is an art in itself. No one learns this art overnight. It is necessary to be patient to become a great business meeting host.

The outward appearance of the meeting host, more specifically professional dressing goes a long way in impressing meeting attendees. Jeans and T-shirts are out of question for business meetings. The attire must be professional, meaning formal clothing such as suit, leather shoes, solid colored shirts, matching ties etc. The clothes should have a good fit, and that often necessitates going for customized tailoring instead of buying readymade clothing.

Send the meeting agenda note in advance of the meeting to allow attendees to prepare themselves before arrival. If any of the invited attendees foresees their absence from the meeting, he or she can inform the host before the meeting day. The agenda may include short biographies of speakers, if they happen to be individuals not familiar to all attendees.

Good meeting hosts ensure that they arrange suitable accommodation for meeting attendees who will arrive from a different city. Hosts also make travel arrangements to pick up such attendees from the airport to the meeting venue. This requires careful planning and must be done in consultation with a professional event manager.

Ensure that meeting props such as projectors, video players, microphones etc. work properly during the meeting. To ensure this, they get all such equipment checked in advance of the meeting.

Good hosts introduce all individuals in the meeting, starting with the most unfamiliar or prestigious individual. Take extra care to ensure that the meeting speakers do not extend their allocated time. Using non-verbal clues, they signal to the speaker if he/she exceeds time. It is important to politely smile at that moment to ensure that the speaker does not feel bad.

Good meeting hosts make frequent eye contact with people across the meeting table, without ogling, and ensure that everyone in the room gets an opportunity to air his/her views regardless of his/her seniority.

Finally, ensure that a personal assistant takes down the notes of the meeting for future circulation. The meeting notes memo is an official record of conversations that transpired during the meeting and help in formulating post-meeting next steps.